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Pinetree Enterprises




PINETREE ENTERPRISES LTD was established in 1998, and continues to go from strength to strength. We are based near Alton in Hampshire and are proud to MANUFACTURE IN THE UK.

We are a TRADE SUPPLIER, providing DISPLAY EQUIPMENT: both OFF-THE-SHELF and BESPOKE displays, PANELS and sign blanks in acrylic and other materials, Flat cut LETTERING and SHAPES in acrylic and other materials , WALL FIXINGS for panels, POSTER HOLDERS of many types, WIRES and BARS for suspended, wall mounted and free standing displays, LEAFLET DISPENSERS of many types and Components for ALUMINIUM STANDS and FRAMES.

Our aims, we strive to provide... Flexibility... wherever we can, we design multi-purpose products, allowing the same basic display to fulfil a wide variety of functions - suiting it to merchandising displays, graphic displays or a combination of the two. Style and Value... these have always been our main aims. The quality of our products, however, will never be compromised. Service... we firmly believe that by giving our customers the best customer service available, they will reward us with their loyalty leading to a true win-win situation.