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Starting out from an office in Scott’s garage it was only a matter of months before additional staff and a proper office environment was required. In November 2009 the now team of five moved into a very nice office in Chelmsford. As the business grew, so did the team and it was only another eighteen months before there were nine people handling a business turnover of close to a million pounds.

In December 2011 Scott and Wayne went on what they thought was a ‘jolly’ to the Efi Centre in Belgium. Standing dwarfed in front of a newly released GS3250r Vutek, the Rolls Royce of large-format print, as one they mouthed ‘we’ve got to have one of these’.

Six months of pure stress and massive expense followed as finance, premises, staff and equipment were sought and a production facility capable of massive volumes was created, literally from scratch.

Today, the recipe Venture started with still holds true, excellent service and a superb product you can make a tidy profit on. There are now multiple machines and twenty two people from production staff to web developers who are dedicated to working in the background to give all printers the opportunity to benefit our economies of scale to build a large-format revenue-stream.